Project 3: Restaurant Branding

1. Pierogi (Polish), Food Truck, Extroverts

  • An all pierogi food truck with a bright color palette and sweet and savory flavors. A place where your meal can be fried, boiled or baked with the and served in fun packaging.


  1. Pincher Perfect (using as a tagline)
  2. Savory Pinch
  3. Pocket of ‘Rogis
  4. Pierogo!


  • A Lil Pouch of Love
  • Stuff It Your Way
  • Fry, Bake, Boil Baby
  • Dough-ncha Want More?
  • Experience the ‘tato

Idea Boards

popping colors, line work, unique packaging, pattern for truck and collateral

2. Pancakes, Fast-Casual, Tourists

  • A build your own meal restaurant, but with a twist. Several different pancake flavors, toppings, and syrups. A unique restaurant where flavorful pancakes are sold all day!


  1. Pantastic Pancakes
  2. Flip Flaps
  3. Batter Up
  4. Flip & Pour


  • Stack til ya drop!
  • Flip your heart out
  • Perfect flip every time
  • Don’t Forget the Syrup
  • Batter Poured Your Way

Idea Boards:

rough typefaces, orange accent color, handmade type and icons, pizza like boxes

75 Sketches

3 Digital Logos

Revised Final Logo

Type Trials


black and white logo with possible alternative marks


After receiving some feedback, I decided to make a few tiny adjustments to perfect my logo. Many people liked the use of multiple colors, separate colors for the “go” part, and the light blues and yellow. I am straying away from all pinks and purples because the youthful and feminine vibe is not suiting for my audience. In advancing with my project, I am adjusting the bumps of the pierogi to be more wavy/rounded, playing with more color combos with the blues, yellows, and teal. I plan on trying to use the wave of the pierogi as a pattern for my collateral. For my collateral pieces, I plan on creating a food truck design, apron, menu and/or food packaging. The color paper suggestions I got were cream, black, and white matte. I want to try using black for some contrast with my logo and make it the food truck more inviting. Adding the tagline to relate to my alternate marks is another design idea that I want to try. Finally, I am moving forward with the “a” in the tagline remaining lowercase.

revised color logo


Food Truck Design
apron with full name and alternate mark
added more contrast with the “go”


Food Truck
packaging mockup idea


I am pushing my collateral design decisions further by adding more colors, using the pierogi icons as a pattern on the truck and packaging, and changing the color of my apron to match the aqua and teal colors of my branding. I am also looking into more packaging ideas for my take-out container, possibly using a band to put around the box/container.

Full Food Truck Mockup
Aqua Apron with 3 different logo options
Take Out Containers with Logo decorated Band

Final Restaurant Branding

Final Color Logo and Alternate Marks
Final Color Logo on B&W
Final Collateral Pieces/Mockups
Food Truck
To-Go Containers with Patterned Band
Apron with Alternate Marks




Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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Alana Wright

Alana Wright

Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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