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  • Home: image and navigation
  • Work: images of my work
  • About Me: Hello! I am Alana Wright and I am currently studying graphic design and photography at Edinboro University. I plan on earning my Bachelor’s in two years. I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and I love traveling. I hope to pursue a career outside of Pennsylvania after I graduate…etc. (will add a photo of me)
  • Contact: & social media links
Information Architecture
15 Sketches

Desktop Prototype:


  • add a headline on my home page
  • add another link on home page
  • think about having another way to navigate
2 Style Tiles
Homepage Mockups (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)


  • Change the scale of elements
  • Remove pink shape and use pink type instead
  • Get rid of redundant text and focus on what I specialize in
Homepage Revisions (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
Subpage Mockups (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)


  • Add link blocks for images
  • Heavier weight for “Work” and use fonts from logo
  • Move text on images to underneath each
Subpage Revisions (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
Development Plans (Homepage and Work Subpage)

Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania