Topic: How to Throw a Themed Dinner Party With Friends

Homepage: Description of a themed dinner party and pictures of themes. The navigation bar will be on the top of the page and will have the 3 subpages linked in it.


1. Coming Up With a Theme:

  • Find common likes with your friends
  • Movies/TV Shows/Musicals
  • Talk with the invitees about what to dress as
  • Look on Pinterest for more ideas
  • Formal/Informal
  • Sports/Seasons
  • Cultural Foods (Italian, Mexican, Asian, Greek)
  • Celebratory Occasions
  • Casual
  • Color Theme
  • Holidays

2. Supplies:

  • Food (recipes for certain themes)
  • Music (create playlists for the party)
  • Decorations (how many decorations is necessary)
  • Invitations (send in advance)
  • Dinnerware (enough dishes for the amount of people)
  • Extra props (any last minute items)
  • Cleaning Materials (before and after the party)
  • Outfit (how to buy an inexpensive outfit for a one time occasion)

3. Preparation:

  • Create a timeline for planning ahead: (list)
  • two weeks before…
  • one week before…
  • two days before…
  • the day before…
  • and the day of…
  • Links to resources for preparing
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