Project 1: Museum Rebrand

  1. My initial reaction after reading the article is that the logo is very thought out, especially because it took two years to create. I think the logo is very interesting, minimal, and simple, and I’ve never seen a museum use a responsive logo before. I’m glad they moved forward without including the “M” because the “W” alone has so much meaning and thought behind it. Just four simple lines are able to be bent in order to showcase the artwork in the museum and on their branding.
  2. Responsive design is when specific design elements can be used in different shapes and forms in different environments, such as a logo. I think applying responsive design to identity creates a sense of curiosity because it makes people stop and examine what it does and means. I think a con would be not making the message clear enough for viewers that aren’t already familiar with the identity and have no context.
  3. I definitely disagree with the criticism because even though it is a simple stroke line that can bend in any way possible, their reasoning for doing so are valid. I don’t think boring and simple are the same because many designs can be boring but complex. I like simple and minimalistic design because it’s something we are seeing so much in our world today and it’s pleasing to look at. Even though people may see the Whitney identity as boring, I think of “less is more” and how something so simple as the letter W can have so many forms.

The National Museum of Roller Skating

Basic Information:

  • established in 1980 and opened on April 13, 1982
  • located in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 12:00 PM-5:00 PM
  • free admission for all ages, but accept donations
  • exhibits artifacts dating back to 19th century
  • building is shared with USA Roller Sports, the national governing body of roller sports
  • President: Kim Wall, Vice President: Nellie Anderson Lillie
  • facebook, instagram, twitter

Mission Statement:

Roller Skating is a shared experience of many generations of Americans as a recreation, sport, and commercial enterprise. The National Museum of Roller Skating is committed to enriching the experience of roller skaters by increasing their understanding and appreciation of its rich history and accomplishments, to extending public knowledge of these past events and by preserving this legacy for future generations.


  • Roller Hockey
  • Roller Derby
  • Artistic Skating
  • Speed Skating
  • Skating Goes to War

Museum Reviews:

“I learned so much more than I ever knew about roller skating. It was really fun to stop in here. The staff was super friendly and explained so many neat things about roller skating. Can’t beat the free admission. Surely worth a stop if you are in the area, very fun.”

“For those who read my reviews you know that I have a passion to locate and report on odd little museums. Well this sure qualifies it’s not large but it is comprehensive about the history of skates and skating. Imagine being able two sea skates from 1814. Well I didn’t even know they were skating in 1814 and today that’s over 200 years old. wow! now the rest of the museum has various skates, over time, motorized skates, four wheel skates, inline skates, and skates that defy description as people just wanted to have a good time and go skating. I would think you needed skating because not everybody had ice year-round to do ice skating. But what do I know! Anyway, there skate competitions around the country, there were the days of the roller rinks, and all the wonderful things of the past, there were these designs that increase safety and speed there’s just a whole lot to see here, if you stop and read, and a great calliope box that you need quarters for. So bring some quarters and come and enjoy the skating Museum. I thought it was wonderful.”

Photos of Museum:

Exterior and Interior of Museum

Photo Inspiration:

Current Logo:


Thumbnail Sketches:

Final 3 Logos:

3 Final Logos
Revised Final Logos

Final Logo:




Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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Alana Wright

Alana Wright

Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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