Project 1: Kinetic Typography

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#1 Schitts Creek: The Dairy Dilemma (0:30–1:14)

#2 Schitts Creek: Fold in the Cheese (38 seconds; 0:34 start)

#3 Schitts Creek: Alexis Cuts Scrubs (S2E10)

I chose “Fold in the Cheese” for my final audio because it has the best pace out of all of the audios I was debating between. I want to express the emotions of David and Moira’s voices with the use of type. The audio has points of frustration, but also has calm parts. I plan on using two fonts, one for each voice. In addition, I will add effects to the typography in order to emphasize the important and most dramatic phrases in the clip.

Thumbnail Ideas
Color and Font Exploration
Style Frames

Full Transcript: