Course Survey

I knew nothing about HTML or CSS when I started this class. Everything was challenging at first because it was all brand new terms and software. The most challenging area for me was positioning. I constantly got confused between the different types and when to use each type. I practiced a lot on my own especially when working on my warmups! I think the easiest area was adding in the html whether it was in dreamweaver or Webflow. I made sure to read about HTML when we started the class, and I got a good understanding of it. Granted, I still don’t know everything! I think spending a good amount of time on HTML in the beginning is important because it’s difficult to understand how to do CSS without it.

I don’t think anything should be taken out of the course entirely because we all were able to use all of the new knowledge to make successful projects. However, I wish we spent a little more time doing floats because I feel like I didn’t get a full grasp on it and how to use them. I do not think Webflow should be introduced sooner. If we all learned Webflow before Dreamweaver, we wouldn’t even truly learn anything. However, I think it could be introduced slightly sooner because I personally felt extremely rushed at the end of the semester to learn an entirely new software in three weeks. I think Dreamweaver was a good learning tool because we are all starting to become extremely familiar with Adobe software. I think getting into too many different software companies all together might make some students stress and worry financially.

I am extremely glad that I took this class because I never knew how interested I was in web design. I never really thought about pursuing a career in web design, but I think if I practice more I might strongly consider it! I’ve always had a thing for technology, and I love learning all about what goes into designing such complex things.

Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania