I think this website is working extremely well! The navigation for each layout is easy to understand and every link is clear. Everything is repeated equally with variety from each viewport. The designer successfully created three ways to navigate through the site: links in the navigation bar, scrolling from subpage to subpage, and a hamburger navigation link. The colors all work together very well, and she uses animation for her images that are in the background. The scale of the text is legible to read from every viewport. The only thing that is missing is a button to link back to the home page. But I don’t think it is necessary for the designer to add it because the navigation is clear.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Viewports

I think this website doesn’t work as well as others. The homepage is confusing because the text is all the same color and you can’t differentiate between links and normal text. The font size stays the same for each viewport, but it becomes illegible when the screen is smaller. In my opinion, there isn’t anything engaging when you are on the homepage. Once you click on a subpage, there isn’t a button to return to the homepage. The color and font choices are simply making the website bland. I think there is too much whitespace and not enough imagery. The only imagery that is on the site is under the subpages to show the artists’ work. I think this website would benefit with larger headings and subheadings, more color, clearer navigation, and more images.

Graphic and Interactive Design major with a minor in Photography at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania