Initial Impressions Starting Web Design

I have been using technology for longer than I can even remember. Even though I was only born in 2001, I can vividly remember what the web looked like in the early 2000s. Around the age of 6, I would constantly play the Space Cadet 3D Pinball game on my parents’ computer. I thought it was the coolest thing ever because there was nothing like it back then.


Then I started to grow up and saw everything change more and more…

Now that I’m in college, it’s obvious that our society is completely different than it was years ago. I’m constantly using the Internet and looking at so many different websites hourly. I have noticed that websites look different on different platforms/devices, but never thought much about it. Now that I’m about to journey into web design I am so excited to learn about everything behind the scenes. I will have a good understanding of what makes it happen and how to fix it. And maybe one day I‘ll learn about how the pinball game was made haha!

Graphic and Interactive Design major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania