Vimeo Link:

#1 Schitts Creek: The Dairy Dilemma (0:30–1:14)

#2 Schitts Creek: Fold in the Cheese (38 seconds; 0:34 start)

#3 Schitts Creek: Alexis Cuts Scrubs (S2E10)

I chose “Fold in the Cheese” for my final audio because it has the best pace out of all of the audios I was debating between. I want to express the emotions of David and Moira’s voices with the use of type. The audio has points of frustration, but also has calm parts. I plan on using two fonts, one for each voice. In addition, I will add effects to the typography in order to emphasize the important and most dramatic phrases in the clip.

Thumbnail Ideas

Course Survey

I knew nothing about HTML or CSS when I started this class. Everything was challenging at first because it was all brand new terms and software. The most challenging area for me was positioning. I constantly got confused between the different types and when to use each type…

Topic: Portfolio Website

Content: Type 1 Font Poster, Menu Design, Playing Card Design, Designer Poster, Logo Design, Commissions, Calligraphy work, Type 2 Feature Article, Type 2 Alternative Alphabet Book, Photography

Pages: Home, About, Work, Contact

  • Home: image and navigation
  • Work: images of my work
  • About Me: Hello! I am Alana…

Topic: How to Throw a Themed Dinner Party With Friends

Homepage: Description of a themed dinner party and pictures of themes. The navigation bar will be on the top of the page and will have the 3 subpages linked in it.


1. Coming Up With a Theme:

  • Find common…

Development Plan — Psychedelic

For my project, the background will be fixed so all of my content will be in the correct spots when you scroll. The background image is in the container and the H1 and H2 are in the header. The entirety of my text is inside the body, except for the…

Link #1:

I think the Garments by Dan Mall web design is working well. The design has a good sense of hierarchy with each section of text flowing after one another. The texture in the background image balances with the typefaces and colors used. The icons used for the…

Thumbnail ideas for CSS Zen Garden Project.

Psychedelic Colors, Tropical, Mountains, Pastel Colors, and Pop Art

2 Type Systems

After researching different typefaces to pair together, I was able to come to a solution. For my resume, I will be using the first type system. I selected the typefaces EB Garamond and Noto Sans JP. I decided to pair a sans serif font with a serif font to create…

Alana Wright

Graphic and Interactive Design major with a minor in Photography at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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